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Friday Occultation

by Brian Webb

2005 April 13

Barring unfavorable weather, observers in portions of California, Mexico, and Central America can see an occultation of the star Upsilon Geminorum this Friday evening. The Moon's eastward orbit will carry it in front of the +4.1 magnitude star, causing it to disappear behind the Moon's dark limb and later reappear on its sunlit side.

Viewers in San Francisco and other locations on the edge of the occultation zone may alternately see Upsilon Geminorum disappear behind mountains and reappear in valleys on the Moon's northern edge.

The occultation should be visible in binoculars and unlike many astronomical events, it occurs at a relatively convenient time. The disappearance and reappearance times for the star for selected locations are as follows:

Location Disappears
Bakersfield 21:40:26 21:53:00
Los Angeles 21:37:37 22:01:54
San Bernardino 21:43:29 21:58:02
San Diego 21:38:03 22:07:58
San Jose 21:35:50 21:44:17
Santa Barbara 21:32:05 22:02:34

Additional information on this event is available on the following web pages:

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