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2006 November 19

Vandenberg AFB


Vandenberg AFB

Official Vandenberg AFB Launch Schedule

Vandenberg AFB News

Public Affairs

30th Space Wing

30th Range Squadron

2nd Space Launch Squadron

576th Flight Test Squadron

Space and Missile Center Detachment 9

Launch Vehicles

Athena Vehicle Description

Atlas II Fact Sheet

Delta II Fact Sheet

Military Designation Systems

Minotaur Vehicle Home Page

Minuteman III Fact Sheet

MSLS Vehicle Description

Peacekeeper Fact Sheet

Pegasus XL Vehicle Home Page

Taurus Vehicle Home Page

Titan II Fact Sheet

Titan IV Fact Sheet


DMSP Description

DMSP Fact Sheet

IMAGE Mission Description

Iridium Program Description

Orbcomm Program Description

SNOE Mission Home Page

Sunsat Home Page

SWAS Mission Homepage

Terra (EOS AM-1) Mission Description

Web Sites with Vandenberg AFB-Related Content

Atlas Missile

Dave Palmer's Page

Dos Gatos Communications

Encyclopedia Astronautica

Federation of American Scientists


Goleta Air and Space Museum

William G. Hartenstein's Photography Site

Joe's USAF Blue Book


Moonglow Observatory

Silo World

SoCal Sky Lights!

Titan I Missile


W7FFT Home Page


ASU Student Satellite Program

Brazil National Institute for Space Research

Cassini Mission Home Page

European Space Agency News

Galileo Mission Home Page

(Hubble) Space Telescope Science Institute

Japan National Space Development Agency

JPL News

Lockheed Martin Astronautics News

Mars Global Surveyor Home Page

Mike's Mission & Spacecraft Library

Missile Defense Agency



NASA Human Spaceflight Page

NASA Launch Manifest

Orbcomm Home Page

Orbital Sciences Corp.

Polar-Orbiting Environmental Satellite System Page

Russian Space Research Institute

Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page

SoCal Skylights

Space Calendar

Space Shuttle Reference Manual


Titan II ICBM Web Page


American Association of Variable Star Observers

Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers

Aurora Page

British Astronomical Association

Heavens Above

International Comet Quarterly

International Occultation Timing Association

JPL Comet Observation Home Page

Chris Cook's Astronomical Photography Page

Jupiter Events

Local Group

Lunar and Planetary Laboratory

Mars Events

NOAA Space Environment Center

North American Meteor Network

Satellite Tracking and other Software

Sky & Telescope/Sky Publishing

Space Weather Resources

Sunrise, Sunset, and other Astronomical Information

Ventura County Astronomical Society

Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page


Atmospheric Profile - Bakersfield

Atmospheric Profile - Goleta

Atmospheric Profile - Lost Hills

Atmospheric Profile - Miramar

Atmospheric Profile - Point Loma

Atmospheric Profile - Simi Valley

Coastal Wind Profiler Page

Jet Stream Plot - 300mb (30,000 feet)

METAR Data Access

How to Read a METAR Report

METAR Abbreviations and Acronyms

Meteorological Station Information Lookup

National Weather Service - Los Angeles/Oxnard Office

NOAA Aviation Weather Center

Southern California Custom Forecast (prototype)

Satellite Image - Southern California Visible Light

Satellite Image - Western U.S. Water Vapor

TAF Data Access

Understanding Forecasts/Observations

Earth Science

Current Seismic Activity

NOAA Geomagnetic Data Server

NOAA National Geophysical Data Center

Southern California Earthquake Data Center


U.S. Census Department Geographic Information Server

USGS Geographic Information System


NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center



Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club

Current Maximum Usable Frequency Map

FCC License Database Search (Non-Amateur)

NOAA Radio Propagation Resources

International Radio Club of America

IPS Radio & Space Service

Longwave Home Page

Monitoring Times Magazine

Solar Terrestrial Activity

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